一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 5.9 APK MOD Unlimited Money

一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 APK MOD Unlimited Money

Get APK MOD with unlimited money file of 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Android Mobile Tab Game with most recent version.

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All files of 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Role Playing game are malware free and you can and install easily, All links are working very fast and 100% secure. 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮game follow the all Google Play Store Policies.

– 5.9 APK MOD Unlimited Money

一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Game Information

  • Game Name:- 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮
  • Category:- Role Playing
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:- 2.0
  • Active Users:- 1,000,000+

一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Role Playing Game – 三載官場路,豪禮送不停



【專屬管家 經營家業】



Sanzai Guanchang Road, don’t stop gifting gifts

Three years of officialdom road, a series of mysterious surprises and gifts hit!

All kinds of confidantes, with a new image to cheer; heroes match BMWs, and the horse system is coming; the Three Kingdoms Challenge, full-scale war, more activities waiting for you to open; returning to officialdom and re-entering official career, more courteous treatment , Help fight the officialdom again!

[Exclusive housekeeper to manage the family business]
Real estate, farmland, shops, such a huge wealth, how can you not need a caring housekeeper? Yuan Fang, the housekeeper, is back with a brand-new style and caring functions~
[Famous officials and generals dominate the officialdom]
Hundreds of famous officials and heroes in ancient history, all belong to the officials, and the officials will deploy troops and generals. According to the special skills of the officials, they will be assigned to different responsibilities to help the officials expand the territory of the officialdom.
[Quan Fang Dou Yan Yun Yu Boudoir]
In the officialdom, you and I am in intrigue. Take off the official uniforms. Waiting for the officials are hundreds of stunning personal servants. The mandarin ducks are in double nights, and a pear blossom presses the begonia. I don’t know who the officials are going to turn over tonight. Where’s the brand
[Political marriage between children and children]
Cultivate the growth of children, acquire fame, and experience the fun of marriage and marriage
[The winner is the king to rule the world]
Work hard in the officialdom to accumulate political achievements; fight in the battlefield, defend the territory and expand the territory; finally win the seat of the emperor, be worshipped by everyone else, and unify the country and the beauty

Game system introduction:
Official position system: Weihan was born to power, how do you come along this way!
Door-to-door system: all talents, come to visit you, three thousand people come to you! Listen to your orders!
Wife and concubine system: beauty rubs ink, red sleeves add fragrance, threw eyebrows for her, and chanted poetry with her!
Official career system: make a comeback, fight the officialdom again, donate precious items to your official career!
Searching system: rivers and lakes, markets, restaurants and flower houses, met in the court, and forgotten in the rivers and lakes!
Child heir system: give birth to children, join marriage and recruit relatives, it is difficult to know what happens after all!
Pet system: rare beasts, rare treasures to offer gifts, in the official mansion, dragon and phoenix are auspicious!
War horse system: God horse war horse, red rabbit Lu, show great power in the arena, famous all over the world!
Battlefield system: attack the barbarian king outside, fight against the enemy inside, lead the famous generals to defend the territory and expand the territory, and make achievements forever!
Imperial Palace System: One day, if you are an extremely human minister, and you are appointed to worship generals, the emperor will be afraid of you!

※According to the game management classification method, it is classified as supplementary 15 levels
※The content of this game involves violence, anti-social sex, virtual love or marriage
※Some content of this game requires additional payment
※Please avoid indulging in games

一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Role Playing Whats New:-

  • 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Bug Fixed
  • 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Level Updated
  • 一個官人一個妻 – 三週年驚喜好禮 Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 4.1+

Installed:- 15407

Play Store ID:- com.heyyogame.gd

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