朝歌封神誌 1.0 APK MOD Unlimited Money

朝歌封神誌 APK MOD Unlimited Money

Get APK MOD with unlimited money file of 朝歌封神誌 Android Mobile Tab Game with most recent version.

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1.0 APK MOD Unlimited Money

朝歌封神誌 Game Information

  • Game Name:- 朝歌封神誌
  • Category:- Card
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:-
  • Active Users:- 10,000+

朝歌封神誌 Card Game – 【五大種族】




[Five major races]
The “human races” who are good at learning with high plasticity, the “fairy races” whose cultivating and becoming immortals are governed by laws, the “monster races” whose racial divisions are good at each other’s strengths, the “god races” who are in charge of all things in nature, and the “devil races” who are in charge of all things in nature and those who eat cruel and bloodthirsty. Clan”, gods and demons restrain each other, humans, immortals and demons check and balance each other, stepping into another world, in the three realms and five races, who will you fight for?
【Power and Love】
During the prosperous Yin and Shang era, the turbulent moments of the state, the battles of the five races, the territorial disputes, and the chaos of the Three Realms, who can dominate the destiny of the Five Realms? Is it to control the supreme power of the Three Realms, to obtain the allure Daji, or the justice in your heart? Immediately cross the Three Realms and start your journey of mythological adventure in another world!
【Place upgrade】
The door to travel through another world has been opened! Start the easiest adventure, switch battlefields in one second, travel through other worlds in one step, upgrade across different worlds in one step, explore the mysterious adventures of the three worlds, conquer the beauties of warlords from all races, and travel to other worlds with zero burden.
【Strategy Turnover】
Reject pure combat suppression, adjust measures to local conditions and double the effect of enemy formation! Four major occupational configurations, five major race restraints, ten major formation applications, and the intricate fetters of hundreds of characters test your combined calculation ability. If you want to play all over the three realms, you can only win by strategy. There is no strongest universal lineup, only the strongest people!

【Xianmeng Battle】
How to fight the world alone! Form a fairy alliance to gather the forces of the five races and build territories to expand to all walks of life! Organize a group to explore a copy of the secret realm, collect all kinds of magic weapons, medicines, pets, and equipment, configure resources to strengthen the team’s combat power, customize the position of the fairy alliance, and unify the great cause for our clan, or gather the five clans Build your fairy alliance empire, dominate the five realms, and define the world as you like!

[Goddess cultivation]
What is the primary task of traveling through another world? Of course it is to train your exclusive beautiful girl! Customize a complete education plan, combat training, potential stimulation, dress up, character development, job transfer selection, favorability training, exclusive plot voice, as long as you want it, there is no impossible! From a beloved daughter to a teammate who fights side by side, and even becomes a lifelong companion! Start your beautiful girl’s diary immediately!

【Group friends】
The adventure journey in another world, the group is lively! Form a mercenary group to take risks and make money and make friends! The unknown journey is full of adventures, treasures, magic weapons, and all kinds of opportunities! Explore side by side with adventurers from all over, find the most special “him” in your heart, get married, and have a warm home in a distant alien world.

■The content of this game involves the “sex” related content that the game character wears clothing with prominent characteristics but does not involve sexual suggestion, as well as the “violent” content that does not describe the details of the character’s casualties and does not have a bloody screen. It is managed by the game software. The method is classified as supplementary level 12, which can only be used by people over 12 years old
■This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game
■Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time and avoid indulging in the game

朝歌封神誌 Card Whats New:-

  • 朝歌封神誌 Bug Fixed
  • 朝歌封神誌 Level Updated
  • 朝歌封神誌 Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 4.4+

Installed:- 1968

Play Store ID:- com.mover.twfzfs

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