AQ First Contact 1.6.570 APK MOD Unlimited Money

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AQ First Contact 1.6.570 APK MOD Unlimited Money

AQ First Contact Game Information

  • Game Name:- AQ First Contact
  • Category:- Strategy
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:- 6.7
  • Active Users:- 100,000+

AQ First Contact Strategy Game – Become a commander and join the forces in AQ: First Contact
Build your fleet from a single Corvette to an army of Titan class ships and fight alongside your allies to take control of Outposts and secure your position.

Build your fleet with Corvettes, Destroyers, Battleship and massive Titans, each ship can be fully customized with weapons, fittings, cells, rigging and unique subsystems.

AQ is a fully cross platform mmo allowing you to fight alongside or against your friends in real time 3v3 battles. Or take the fight to pirate corporations, destroy the Red Sun and capture Night Raven bases, but watch out for Xeno invasions as you explore the galaxy!

Mine for resources, Salvage debris for new tech and research or just destroy everything and take what you want by force. Explore asteroid belts, gas clouds and nebulas to find resources and new activities.

Join a Corporation, declare war or forge alliances, bombard outposts and capture sectors. Build defense hangers and shield generators to defend, or just go for extra resources and build some asteroid mines.

Compete in weekly events alongside your corporation or solo, earn legendary rewards to boost your ships strength.

Upgrade your stations workshop to craft new weapons and fittings, forge weapon cores together to craft legendary versions.

Global chat allows you to communicate in real time, or create your own custom chat group to plan your attacks.

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

– Redesigned player reporting screen.
– Added tutorial/help on player reporting screen.
– Updated the design up the store page to make it cleaner.
– Updated the fleet window to show fleet bonuses not fleet cpu.
– Removed FLEET CPU caps.
– Added Fleet bonuses based on fleet level.
– Updated the fleet window to show skill point contributions from each fleet.
– Increased the amount of times the game will retry downloading some images, e.g. news pages.

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AQ First Contact Strategy Whats New:-

  • AQ First Contact Bug Fixed
  • AQ First Contact Level Updated
  • AQ First Contact Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 4.4+

Installed:- 2249

Play Store ID:- com.sevenpointred.expanse