Cute cat’s cake shop 1.1.5 APK MOD Unlimited Money

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Cute cats cake shop 1.1.5 APK MOD Unlimited Money

Cute cat’s cake shop Game Information

  • Game Name:- Cute cat’s cake shop
  • Category:- Simulation
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:-
  • Active Users:- 10,000+

Cute cat’s cake shop Simulation Game – You are a cake shop in the city.
Choose your favorite ingredients and make various sweets.
You can enjoy decorating freely.

A store game of the cat which makes pretty cake and donut (cat)!
If the favorite ingredients are chosen, RETTSUKUKKINGU!
Myself will make a favorite original cake.

how will further down work do.
You who found 1 bill when they worried so.
You were writing there “I’d like to be also aided by a cat (cat).”
When I was interested and looked stealthily at the store, surprisingly, that place was a Western-style cake store of a cat.
You who became pate Shie in a Western-style cake store.
Well, I’ll open a store hard from today!

[It’s recommended to such person.]
The person who likes the leaving game which can play for free of charge.
The person who likes an animal of a cat, a dog and a hamster.
The person who likes the dish game which cooks a cake and plays.
The person who likes a restaurant management simulation in a store.
The person who would like to do waste of time and the person finding gap time unmanageable.
It’s recommended to various people.

[Operating method]
The recipe book I’d like to cook is chosen from a cooked button.
The fruit I’d like to decorate and necessary cookware are chosen.
As the back indicates, I’ll complete it in restriction time.
The liking the end, if it’s displayed, it’s completion.
I’ll place only my original Suites Hotel on a case in a store!

[The kind of recipes]
* Recipe book of the cookie
* Recipe book of the cake
* Recipe book of the macaroon
* Recipe book of the donut
* Recipe book of the pudding
* Recipe book of the cream puff
* Recipe book of the tart

[Request order]
To melt, an order from a customer enters.
I’ll complete Suites Hotel customer’s as hoped.
Various people have a child, an uncle, an aunt and a grandmother for a customer.

That I go out to a town, it can increase the level now of the ingredients and cookware.
When the level of the ingredients and the cookware rises, a store point and the sales become a lot, so the level is raised hard.


[Cake from store]
The cake placed on a store has a use-by date.
Also recommend to have a sale at time to do in the use-by date!
The sales become little, please try.

When a ticket is used, various things can be done.
A rice-ball is needed, but to do cooking it’s possible to make them recover with a ticket.
A use-by date can make the Western-style cake which broke restore.
You can get a ticket by seeing animation advertisement.

It’s a free game, so please download it by all means!
-bag fixs.

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Cute cat’s cake shop Simulation Whats New:-

  • Cute cat’s cake shop Bug Fixed
  • Cute cat’s cake shop Level Updated
  • Cute cat’s cake shop Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 4.4+

Installed:- 531

Play Store ID:- net.charroom.yougashi