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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper 6.4.0 APK MOD Unlimited Money

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Game Information

  • Game Name:- FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper
  • Category:- Role Playing
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:- 2.0
  • Active Users:- 1,000,000+

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Role Playing Game – 僕たちは知っている。すべての物語を……



















野村哲也氏 描き下ろしのオリジナルキャラクター





We know. The whole story…
This is a nostalgic new Final Fantasy
The adventure around the great “memory of the story” begins now

◇◆◇Game introduction◇◆◇

◆That famous scene revives with a fully remade dot.
“Coal mining city Narche” “Midgal” “Zanarkand”…
Full remake of memories as FFRK original dot images
Let’s wake up the [memory of story] that was absorbed in “Record Dungeon”

◆Introduction of FF characters
Cecil, Cloud, Tiida, Noctis, the hero who saved the world
Good opponents who have fought against Gilgamesh, Cipher, Kuja, Conflict
More than 200 unique characters appeared
“Hero”, “Boss”, “Akatsuki no Warrior”, “Sequence Sid”, etc.
Enjoy the free party formation from the characters of the successive FF according to your preference

◆ Relive the original story in battle
Combat is an active time battle familiar to the series
“Killer” “Blasting fist” “Meteor” “Bahamut”…
Use your Special Moves, Abilities, and Summons to regain [Memory of Battle]

◆Background music gathers here
Includes many famous songs that evoke the memory of FF
Many newly reborn FFRK original arrangements will also appear
In the “music room”, you can always touch [memory of sound]
Set your favorite song and enjoy the FF world

◇◆◇ Story ◇◆◇

[Episode 1]

A kingdom that boasts a poem due to the harmony of magic and art

There was a tradition in this country that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Great story “memory” that brings order and stability

The kingdom sealed the great “memory” in “paintings” to protect the world’s well-being

However, suddenly the memory sealed in the “painting” is lost and an accident occurs in the world…

[Episode 2]

Desi who has recollected and regained the great [memory of battle] to protect the world from the accident

In the investigation, discover a mysterious painting “collapse image” that emits unknown magical power

What was contained there was not the [memory of battle] like the traditional painting,

It was a great [memory of the story] itself in which the heroes’ lives were carved…


Tetsuya Nomura’s original character drawn by

A boy fighting to regain the “memory” of a great story under the direction of his teacher Dr. Mog.
Along with the mysterious girl Urara, I will devote myself to a new remembrance battle

A girl protected by desi in “Mamaneki no Ma”
I have lost my memory of the past, but have a mysterious power
There were few emotional ups and downs when protected,
As I spend days with Desi and others, I start to see changes gradually

◆Shadow Smith
High-ranking official of the Ministry of Magic who cooperated with Desi in the “Magic Stone Room” case
Many followers within the province with various magic and rich knowledge
Supports Desi and Urara, and sometimes gives meaningful advice

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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Role Playing Whats New:-

  • FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Bug Fixed
  • FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Level Updated
  • FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 4.4+

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