Kryss The Battle of Words 6.08 APK MOD Unlimited Money

Kryss – The Battle of Words APK MOD Unlimited Money Download

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Kryss – The Battle of Words 4.41 APK MOD Unlimited Money

Kryss – The Battle of Words Game Information

  • Game Name:- Kryss – The Battle of Words
  • Category:- Word
  • Game Version:- Latest
  • Game Rating:-
  • Active Users:- 1,000,000+

Kryss – The Battle of Words Word Game – Brain Training Time! Kryss is not a normal & simple crosswords puzzle game you are imagining.

Kryss is the new, highly addictive game that lets two players test each other’s imagination and vocabulary. The turn-based game is developed from the idea of transforming the traditional crossword solution – old school Scandinavian style – into a game where you compete against each other in the same crossword puzzle. You receive five letters each turn, then strive to place the letters in the crossword within a minute. There are several ways of outscoring your opponent, including a significant bonuses for completing words, for getting key letters right or for using all your five letters within a round. Then again: it might just pay off to keep one of the crucial letters for later use – when the stakes are higher. Kryss has the element of randomly awarded letters in common with other classic word games. But Kryss is faster, and it offers a logic and gaming experience which makes it feel like no other pastime you ever engaged in. It is pure yoga for the brain, meditation for the mind, and vocabulary training in a game, all the while being so easily accessible that it is loads of fun for both young and old. And with the chat function you can keep in touch with your favorite aunt at the same time as teasing your best friend for being the slowest player in the known Universe. By sending challenges to your friends via social media, email, or text messages you will get both more people to compete with and in-game bonuses that lets you enjoy Kryss even more!”
Expert Difficulty

In Depth Player Stats – Dive into the new and improved profile screen to review your Kryss stats like never before or visit another player’s profile to compare your accomplishments! Kryss Score history, overall performance, game achievements

Kryss – The Battle of Words Word Whats New:-

  • Kryss – The Battle of Words Bug Fixed
  • Kryss – The Battle of Words Level Updated
  • Kryss – The Battle of Words Easy to understand

Requirements:- Android 5.0+

Installed:- 43025

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